bari 2017-06-29T07:40:08Z


Prod. by: Zay305 - Speaker Knockerz x Chief Keef x Bop Futuristic Type Beat - Party (Prod. By DIZPMUSIC)

@ray14romero: aye bo it's ray

@ray14romero: can you help me out with something?

@bari: Wassup

@ray14romero: I need help with a pole. it's foolish ik but I just need some protec at my crib feel me? something small but not to big

@ray14romero: I don't got your number either

@ray14romero: @bari

@bari: 916 7437673 tap In I got u

@ray14romero: ffasho I did brother

@ray14romero: aye bari that's the wrong number

@ray14romero: @bari

@ray14romero: that's somebody else number brother

@bari: 6733

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