davinchi 2018-11-14T06:31:30Z

Davinchi x Myers Trax Splash 2018 Collaborative Instrumental

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@davinchi: @myerstrax @speazie @dubble_u @itsfreee @nieceynikki @treetree41 #botw #speazieproducer #repost

@speazie: This beat is absolute fire. Standby for your feature 🙌🏽

@davinchi: Thanks man @speazie Its always fire everytime i collab with @myerstrax ...Davinchi and Myers Trax deserve to be Verified on Speazie

@dubbleu: I agree @speazie @davinchi and @myerstrax are a big part of speazie and some of us artists repertoire. Def deserve to be verified on @speazie hands down. These guys got my vote! Hot, sizzlin, burn ya ass boy BANGERS up in here with these 2!!!! It’s a shame they haven’t Ben verified along time ago!!!

@dubbleu: * been

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