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@eugenethedream: First beat upload on the app. Lets see how this goes!

@kesh: Dope!!

@rahul: This is my favorite beat on this app right now

@sideshowbighead: Hard ass fuck

@morales2015: How much you want for it?

@officialrozen: Yo this is DOOOOOOPE!!! love the sample! One of my favorite golden oldies songs 😊

@mangzilla: Keep doing what you doing this shit is hot

@breababy: Did a song to it love it

@biggiddybust: 💥🔥CLICK HERE🔥💥➡️➡️➡️➡️➡️➡️ ➡️➡️➡️➡️➡️➡️ @biggiddybust

@benjamming: I threw in a little freestyle with it for the hell of it. Check it out if you want. Let me know what you think.

@blackempire: I bet my freestyle better than anyone who did it

@lirik: Gonna write to this. Sick beat

@rae_dymond: Everybody check me out 🔥

@precise: this shit smacky

@juicejm: https://soundcloud.com/joshua-miller-473261714/ty-diss-1-remake-add-on-prod

@senseamylia: Loving this

@lorshad: CHECK ME OUT: https://www.speazie.com/audio/1465785156256337b1a0c03783f9e2

@murphturff808: hey dawg. love this. can I record to this? got this beat in mind and I can write some lyrics if you don't want me to record this could be about life but more explicit if you don't want to hear the idea then I won't bother

@mcvivid1one: 👌🏻. Hi everyone new on speazie but I've uploaded hundreds of dope beats plus I'm working on some tracks for my second LB check us out @mcvivid

@mcvivid1one: 400 beats to jam on @mcvivid1one Check out and like my tracks give me feedback if you'd like please? 🎯🎯 @mcvivid1one

@mcvivid1one: 550+beats for every rapper style. like then record. 🔊🔊 @mcvivid1one please follow and listen to my tracks @mcvivid1one leave a comment and or some feedback. 🎙🎙🎯👍🏻👍🏻appreciated 👌🏻 @mcvivid1one @mcvivid1one @mcvivid1one @mcvivid1one @mcvivid1one @mcvivid1one

@roundz: http://www.reverbnation.com/open_graph/photo/27076099

@roundz: Follow me on Twitter @them16roundz

@bill11315: im about to eat this beat

@darealyounga: Hey how much for this beat id love to make a song to it

@laurenprager: Eugene I'd like to get in touch with you please email me at LaurenPragermusic@gmail.com I really would like to work with you

@rahul: @page

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