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Lil Durk | Rich Homie Quan Type Beat On The Come Up @RLBeatz

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@ginagee_: I love this beat

@ionpraygang: Is lt free for use

@e_clipsedaoffical: Aye i might right somthin to this bro youll like it ✊🏽👌🏾

@quathegreat: This beat 🔥🔥 my nigga

@blackempire: Check what I did on this shit

@blackempire: I bet my freestyle better than anyone who did it

@rae_dymond: Everybody check my Cover out 🔥 including @blackempire lol😎

@rae_dymond: Everyone check out my remix

@princessroyaleb: Can I write to this

@gd30: cp tell u some lolol. its soo sick tho

@stephgotit91: Can I buy this beat from you

@the_bherb: This is marzeys beat off his mixtape the new dmv. Song called party party

@truthfmg: I like this shit😈‼️

@8moa4: Aye this beat really flames check me freestyle out aha

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@roundz: Follow me on Twitter @them16roundz

@roundz: http://www.reverbnation.com/open_graph/song/26327388

@lil__q9: Ain't this that otv call me beat

@d_money_603: This beats fire

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