• So Good (Instrumental)

    So Good (Instrume...

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    So Good (Instrumental)

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    : CONTEST EXTENDED! We are proud to announce our first contest with Speazie and we are giving you guys a chance to record with us! Here is how it works - we have put up the instrumental to our latest single `So Good`. All you need to do is record your vocals over the beat. You can sing our lyrics, or come up with your own. We will pick our top three on the 28th of December. 1st Place - $250 Amazon gift card | Skype Session with LZ7 | Limited Edition Album | Signed Band Merchandise 2nd Place - $100 Amazon gift card | Limited Edition Album | Signed Band Merchandise 3rd Place - Limited Edition Album | Signed Band Merchandise #lz7speazie #lz7sogood #itsgonnabesogoodwhen #illuminateyourcitytour #speaziecontest

    @ndauwasings: Brilliant competition! Going to enter it tomorrow :)

    @chloe_dudley: Can't wait to get on board!

    @vibhor: Beautiful

    @amitspuri: Soooo gooodddd!!

    @taydubb: Kinda different for me but I'll see what I can do with it. Nice beat though!

    @louisbrown: Yo

    @juicejm: Lol @taydubb I wonder if they know what rap is

    @taydubb: I think this beat was picked to test our skills. Anybody can hop on a hip-hop beat and spit bars. But with a beat like this, you have to take your time.

    @juicejm: I have no idea how to attack this beat lol @taydubb

    @taydubb: Yeah when I first heard it I was stuck. Just sit there and really listen to it. I already got a few bars wrote down. It may take a while but you'll get it eventually.πŸ‘πŸ»

    @juicejm: Good luck

    @taydubb: Thanks and you too.

    @ndauwasings: Just uploaded my entry :).

    @asvprucker1234: Aye it's different but I got you

    @snake: Where do you go to enter?

    @akamrshollywood: Not really my genre but it would be fun to play aroud with this! Maybe I'll enter...

    @rahul: @snake you just click record on the track and record yourself that's how you enter

    @rahul: @akamrshollywood you're allowed to do whatever you want I don't think you need to record he actual song so put your style on it.

    @snake: Alright I'm definitely getting this beat figured out

    @taydubb: Do we have to remix the whole song or can we just do one verse?

    @rahul: @taydubb do whatever you want

    @taydubb: Thanks for the info.

    @bananajoe: Kkk

    @annemarieke: done haha.

    @taydubb: Did my entry. It was a bit different but I did what I could do.

    @egbankhead: Check out my entry im going to win

    @chloe_dudley: Entry done :P

    @taydubb: When are they announcing the winners???

    @rahul: @taydubb in a few days after the holidays

    @taydubb: I got a notification that the deadline is today. Thanks for the info.

    @bananajoe: Is there a winner?

    @taydubb: I don't know what's going on. Been thinking the same thing.

    @juicejm: Lol beat 2 Wack man

    @juicejm: But I tried doe

    @asvprucker1234: This beat is trash anyway

    @ndauwasings: They announce the winners as of the 4th of january! Because they had a lot of contests, so they announce all the winners from the 4th

    @taydubb: Oh ok cool

    @taydubb: Are they announcing it on speazie or??

    @juicejm: I was wondering the same thing

    @juicejm: So do we know who won yet ? Lol

    @annemarieke: I don't know when anymore... We'll see I guess

    @juicejm: lol

    @taydubb: Don't know what's going on. Deleting my entry. Good luck to you guys.

    @asvprucker1234: πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    @taydubb: Lol I'm serious bro. The dates keep getting pushed back and now nobody knows anything about nothing.

    @asvprucker1234: The beat was gay af anyways

    @jmac760: How about we all just vote on who has the best track by liking their track and leavening a comment like 1st place 2nd 3rd jah feelz???

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