• All of da money

    All of da money

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    All of da money

    Prod. by: Chopstix - ALL THE MONEY

    : Holla at me, #NaetoC or #SuperC and I'll check ya beats, I need me sum flamesssss

    @2ndperson: How did you get the official check by your name

    @cynior_star: boss I have a is song I will want to feature you naeto c my boss

    @iamwillowc: YessBoss, Beat Up! Check me out!

    @kilosabe: @2ndperson he made songs back in '14 no got an album on Apple Music

    @kilosabe: My mixtape gone be 🔥🔥🔥tho Ima get a ✅too 💯💯💯

    @fleebag: Check out my music I don't disappoint

    @capinbobk: check out my new single IM AWAKE let me know everyone will be singing the last part at work or school ! 🐉

    @zenze: I’d like to work with you C-Baba

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