sk860 2019-03-10T17:55:58Z

Out Of Control by SK860 SSE exclusive Speazie Track

Prod. by: Diamonddallasbrage - CITY OF FAKE FACES INSTRUMENTAL

@sk860: #OOC #SK860 #MoheganNation #MoheganTribe #CTNativeHipHop

@diamonddallasbrage: This is so cool to hear- Did you write these lyrics specifically for this beat? Or were they pre written?I thought the way you handled the intro, in particular with the lyrics on the intro. That was like straight outta my mind for what I had envisioned there. You Really nailed it and maintained the essence of the feel. This is a great artistic jam @sk860 - thank you for your addition fam! Please feel free to check out any other beats I have posted, I’d be interested in hearing how you might work with them. Great job bro

@sk860: @diamondallasbrage Thanks bruh, nah it was a freestyle , i just heard the beat played it once and slayed it. #RealRecognizeReal #Salute Keep up the great work @diamonddallasbrage

@diamonddallasbrage: Hey @sk860 I am on the real, very impressed by your level of “intellituition.” And yes I made up that word, but I trust you’ll know what it means. Please shoot me a message at mdwdesignltd@gmail.com when you can because If you have any extra time and would be interested in discussing a higher quality production of the song, id love to see how that might be feasible. I’m hoping to at very least discuss your craft further. I look forward to hearing from you sir, stay up. One love