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Silent Beat

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@speazie: Calling all #rappers and #singers - want to go solo and record a verse or two without a beat? Record a video over our 'Silent Beat' and we will repost our favorites! #LetsGetIt #solo #freestyle

@duduruccus: Repost my music you won't regret it

@winner: Nice

@captainmarcus: How ?

@speazie: @captainmarcus just record like you would on any beat, but since it's a silent beat, you'll basically be going a capella

@broomrider: Egbankhead

@broomrider: @egbankhead

@sk860: Wow

@dreski1: wait till they get a load of me

@tech1beast: Give my song pill cabinet a listen please 🔥🔥🔥

@motunrayoo: @chopstix @mrmarley @jessejagz

@2ndperson: How can i collab with other artist on this app

@coffdawg_: Repost sum of my songs ? 🔥🔥🔥 @speazie

@capinbobk: check out my new single IM AWAKE let me know everyone will be singing the last part at work or school ! 🐉

@dubbleu: @speazie can you explain to me please, why I’m killin these beats w style so easy and freely, and I still only get a handful of plays on a banger I mean really? Does an artists track get hung up upon delivery? I love the app believe me nothin else like when I’m painin or ragin it’s healing, and I know this hiccup ur not meaning I know u would never do me greasy, but I fill this glitch if it is one needs some fixing. On the other hand I could just be tripping, high off this breezy, or thinkin one thing but reality is my flows are really cheesy. Lol nah but real talk let me know what the case may be. Is it something on my end. If so don’t worry about letting me know I suck lol, seriously. Because “greatness only becomes great when the mediocre took the critiquing and fixed any flaws and mistakes” -DubbleU

@kesh: @rahul

@bigdoug: Thanks for reposting my song

@diamonddallasbrage: I would hope that we’re considering ideas for integrating a messaging API to facilitate more thorough communication for collabs. Or like a more structured user profile, the links and such to socials are a great start. Please email me if interested in discussing further cohesive layout ideas and more!

@fatyu1259: Very Nice! https://www.siteblognet.com/

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