taydubb 2017-03-08T21:30:11Z

Flex on them(Sample)COLLAB!!

Collabs: Flex on Em feat.. Taydubb, Flexer, Flush Me Freestyle Ft. TayDubbView All

@taydubb: #Rap #Hiphop

@mac19: Fire my dude!

@taydubb: @mac19 thanks bro

@taydubb: @kesh @rahul @itsfree

@ramonmeeks: fire bro!

@taydubb: @ramonmeeks thanks bro💯

@hbjdmonii: Let's collaborate on this🤘🏾

@sauxegod: @Taydub bro i can work with this . 🤤💰

@taydubb: lol just hit the record button if you want to record guys💯💯

@taydubb: Collab**

@ceo_nelloo: Collab tay

@heathmitch20: Dam my Nigga u go hard

@taydubb: @heathmitch20 thanks bro💯

@heathmitch20: Where u from my nigga

@taydubb: Florida

@z601_flex: AYEEE🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

@polo1k: Check out my beats and music 🎶💯

@1072568kk: This hard asf 💯

@blackboyy: Ima tweak on this💪🏾💪🏾 look out for it 🔥🔥

@cruziian: Can you upload the Migos Slide On Em Beat Bro

@godsonchiraq: shit weak bitch I'm back

@taydubb: @godsonchiraq get yo crazy ass back😂😂🤣

@godsonchiraq: Naw let's collab bro lol that song flames

@hundun: Bruh listen to YJ 500 this nigga need a deal real nigga 4real

@datboyty: Do u kno how to download songs from soeazie too a computer

@juicejm: Flamed the second and third verse but been busy, but we get that Speazie Repost easy with my collab again Taydubb I gotchu dropping soon

@tuffygz: I spazzed on yo instro

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