Our Team!

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Rahul Keswani


Rahul has been passionate about playing and producing music from a young age. Growing up jamming with his brother Sahil in a makeshift garage studio, Rahul grew his production expertise. After majoring in Music Industry and Business at Northeastern University, and earning an MBA in Finance, Rahul went on to work in Retail, Real Estate Development, and Manufacturing for his family business while continuing to explore collaborative opportunities in music. When the idea for Speazie came to him, he knew his organizational and creative skillsets would be a perfect match for success.

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Sahil Keswani


After studying Business and Technology in college, Sahil went on to work in R&D for Panasonic, always knowing he wanted to fuel his entrepreneurial spirit fusing his love for the tech industry with his passion for music. While attending rap battles in London, he saw a need for technology to support the complicated creative processes involved in music, and the core idea of Speazie was born. A truly a global citizen, Sahil has lived in Lagos, Nigeria, where he worked extensively in property development and retail, as well as Toronto, London, Amsterdam, San Francisco and New York.

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Fred Ehrlich


Fred Ehrlich has been involved in the highest levels of the music industry for the last 25+ years.  His roles have included:  General Manager, Columbia Records; Founder and President of Digital, Sony Music Worldwide; President & CEO of 550 Digital Media Ventures, a division of Sony Corporation of America; As well as a leading consultant to artists, music companies and digital companies throughout the world. Fred has been involved with Speazie since 2014, and was keen to get involved because of the innovative nature of the company and the collaborative opportunities the product provides musicians. It is his personal belief that many future talents will be discovered using Speazie.