• M h hmmm

    M h hmmm

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    M h hmmm

    Prod. by: Zeekzam - real shit (Zeek Zam X m a t a y o)

  • Fuckung around 2

    Fuckung around 2

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    Fuckung around 2

    Prod. by: Zeekzam - real shit (Zeek Zam X m a t a y o)

  • Fucking around

    Fucking around

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    Fucking around

    Prod. by: Eugenethedream - On and On



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    Prod. by: Eugenethedream - WhereAmI?

    : Sweet Dreams!! ZzzzZzzz... Thank you @eugenethedream your beats are so clean 😏🎉💋👌🏼 Xoxo L

    @raven: So smooth

    : Haga thanks @raven

    @suavechapo: Hey go check my song out , it's not finished yet but the hook is , take a listen

    @biggiddybust: Ur pretty 💥🔥CLICK HERE🔥💥➡️➡️➡️➡️➡️➡️ ➡️➡️➡️➡️➡️➡️ @biggiddybust

    @biggiddybust: 💥🔥CLICK HERE🔥💥➡️➡️➡️➡️➡️➡️ ➡️➡️➡️➡️➡️➡️ @biggiddybust

    @kingg_of_throwenns: Great voice

    @royalty: ❤️

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  • pillow talk

    pillow talk

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    pillow talk

    Prod. by: Eugenethedream - Sentiment

    : Revised again😁 lol theres always room for improvements! @eugenethedream your beats are supreme... Oh and thank you everyone for the likes💕💕 xoxo, L

    @godly_flowz: This is really Good ! beautiul Voice btw!

    @dreadfatzz: Damn your talented I wanna work with you

    @raven: Perfection ! Once again... Love the lyrics lol u get so deep.... Glad u decided to make more revisions because they definitely make a difference :p KEEP IT COMINGG!

    @greyson: I agree with @Xtheraven

    @samicamusic: Looooove this. So jazzy feelin!

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  • U had a girlfriend

    U had a girlfriend

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    U had a girlfriend

    Prod. by: Eugenethedream - ChuveLoop

    : When u meet the love of your life and hes already taken😌 (no biggie, just b patient... Love doesnt live within the confines of a ticking clock but outside of the chambers of your heart and which reaches infinitely into the universe echoing forever.) This beat is beautiful... AGAIN!... And I will never stop freestyling my verses even though they are a little but shakey and unrefined. 😇If you listen or follow me here... Thanks! Hehe-LxC

    @crose: Damn! 🔥🔥🔥 as always

    @simrinj: Sick voice!!!

    : Sing it girl. Free styling is the best way to get shit out. Xo

    @davic: You are just too good!

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    Prod. by: Eugenethedream - AdultSwim

    : $uper Rich Kid$Got this on the first take... And it fit perfectly!Even tried rapping Earls verse...So much fun😏Thank you again to @eugenethedream for the crazy good beat.Have a happy fourth everybody!!-LxC

    @kesh: Killed it!!

    @rahul: uhhhhhh im jamming this on the loudest of loud speakers and loving it!

  • fuck you

    fuck you

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    fuck you

    Prod. by: Seankongery - Socks

    : I usually can sing and sing to a beat and then as I play it back, I find the good stuff and write down the words as I listen to it.I can't do that woth speazie unless I upload my freestyles so.. No shame! I'm working on me and u work on you. Oh and fuck him, I know.😏

    @brentmaniamusic: This is really dope ... Send me an email i have a few projects i would like to collab on BrentManiaMusic@gmail.com

    @samicamusic: 🙌 so goooood!!!

    : @brentmaniamusic cool thanks!!! sounds good homie :)

    : @samica1j thanks girl:) hey though.... 😍😍 YOUR voice is seriously insane... Love ur page :)

    @biggiddybust: Bb y fuck him?.... When u could fuck me @xlauriexcristina

    @biggiddybust: 💥🔥CLICK HERE🔥💥➡️➡️➡️➡️➡️➡️ ➡️➡️➡️➡️➡️➡️ @biggiddybust

    @kingdarius: #####

    @lorshad: CHECK ME OUT🔥➡️➡️: https://www.speazie.com/audio/1465785156256337b1a0c03783f9e2 ⬅️⬅️🔥

    @lorshad: CHECK ME OUT🔥➡️➡️: https://www.speazie.com/audio/1465785156256337b1a0c03783f9e2 ⬅️⬅️

    @mcvivid1one: check us out @mcvivid

    @maliqueversace19: Swaggy😜

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  • drÄnk


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    Prod. by: Eugenethedream - Bellisimo!

    : @eugenethedream this beat is beautifully mastered and you are a musical genius.. We should make music together one day? :) thanks for the beat in the meantime hehe... Calling this one 'Drank' even though it's really 'Chandelier' by the one and only SIA. Her songwriting is seriously perfection......!!! If you think Sia is just an average modern pop singer your wrong... Look up the songs she's written for other famous singers, you'll be pleasantly shocked! #lifegoals 😋

    @vibhor: Nice track!

    : @vibhor thanks love!😘

    : @crose @kesh u both liked both... Which one should I keep up? The first one I fucked up the beginning but I like some parts in both...😞

    @crose: It's hard to call it @xlauriexcristina .. You did your thing on both. This one sounds like you were feeling it more tho. Either way keep the 🔥 coming!

    @eugenethedream: Incredible to say the least, very soulful 👌🏿 keep it up 🎶

    @djean11: Dope

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  • Days Ahead

    Days Ahead

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    Days Ahead

    Prod. by: Zeekzam - New Day

    : Hey Speazie! Is this not the best app ever.... 😊 thank you @zeekzam for this beautiful beat. Hope I did you some justice. Have a beautiful day to everyone on speazie today.... Follow me to get notifications on any new songs I upload! Enjoy!-LxC

    @rahul: 🙌🏼

    : @rahul much cleaner right? :)

    @samicamusic: Love this!! 😍 did you use a preset? It sounds awesome!

    : @samica1j yeaaaa! I used 'verby' haha it's the only one that naturally adds to vocals

    : In my opinion, all the others are kinda beat lol

    @zeekzam: Beautiful voice. This is great!

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